Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Cooking

Well today is the day that I cook for the week for my mother in law. First I have to decide what I'm cooking, then shop, then spend the day cooking it. Today, among other things, I am making navy beans and ham. My mother used to make this quite frequently when we were growing up and I always loved it. My husband's not a big soup eater, let alone beans, so when I make this I end up eating most of it myself and throwing the rest away. One of the good things about making my MIL food is that I can make things that I like and my husband doesn't. My MIL is not picky (at least she doesn't complain) Today I decided to add "another layer of flavor" I used chicken stock in lieu of most of the water. Still simmering after going on three hours, the beans are still a little hard for my liking........hmmmmm? I googled it, seems like maybe the salt is the culprit. It's not too bad at this point but I will continue to cook it and hope for a miracle!
We are planning on taking the ferry and going to the aquarium this afternoon. I bought the tickets on the GROUPON site, love them! Half price tickets basically and hopefully a fun afternoon!
Better get after the food now, still have to make deviled eggs.....:))

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