Saturday, June 30, 2012

The New Craft Room

Well I finally got the craft room of my dreams. I had it all planned out in my head and much to my surprise I like to even better once it was finished. Of course it was all done on a budget and thanks to my handyman husband its a very visually pleasing and functional room.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Cake!

I wanted to make a special cake for my Hubby and our Daughter in law which share the same birthday. I had seen this cake on pintrest and thought I would give it a whirl. I used a 9x13 cake and cut it in half and stacked with frosting of course. The rest was just assembling it which wasn't too hard just a little time consuming. Everyone thought it was fantastic looking and even better it was delicious!

Old Door Project

One of the rentals that we bought and remodeled had some pretty cool old doors, but we pretty much replaced them all at the time since we really didn't have time to strip all the old paint off and start over. Being a bit of a hoarder my hubby brought a few of them home and I got this brilliant idea one day to make a headboard out of one. I decided to use chemical stripper thinking it would be easier and fast. Well I'm not so sure it was but after two jugs of stripper I had most of the old paint off, layers and layers of it I might add.

We ended up buying one decorative piece of trim for and it and the rest we had. I sanded the door down smooth, glued and nailed the pieces into place and then painted it with two coats of oil based paint. Actually you can't even tell its was ever a door. I love making something new and something old out of things that most people would throw out the door!

Create something cool out of paper bags

My interest was sparked once I saw a blog where this guy used brown paper bags to use as floor treatment. I thought it looked fantastic and was really wanting to use it my home, but after consulting my husband, his words were, "no way" I decided to try it out on some lamps that I bought for 3 bucks a piece at St. Vinnies. I loved the shape but hated the design.
I made up a solution of equal parts, elmers glue and water. I ripped pieces of paper bag and wadded them up and then flattened them out again. Basically all you do it wet the bag pieces, apply and smooth then let dry. I then applied duabs of stain but it actually looked great as is. Once all dry I applied a couple of coats of poly. I bought a used leather belt at goodwill and glued it around the neck of the lamp and that's it! I thought they turned out great and for seven bucks a got a pretty cool pair of lamps!

Monday, February 13, 2012

More Crochet

Having lots of fun crocheting. It's something that my Grandmother taught me many moons ago. I am left handed and she was right handed so of course everything was backwards to me. I know it must have been frustrating for her, maybe because she told me so, but she didn't give up and I eventually learned and now when I am crocheting I think of her. I sure miss her, what a great granny I had.

I even got my hubby to try it out. He didn't do so bad for being a beginner!
Of course I had to make something for the dogs as well.