Sunday, April 1, 2012

Create something cool out of paper bags

My interest was sparked once I saw a blog where this guy used brown paper bags to use as floor treatment. I thought it looked fantastic and was really wanting to use it my home, but after consulting my husband, his words were, "no way" I decided to try it out on some lamps that I bought for 3 bucks a piece at St. Vinnies. I loved the shape but hated the design.
I made up a solution of equal parts, elmers glue and water. I ripped pieces of paper bag and wadded them up and then flattened them out again. Basically all you do it wet the bag pieces, apply and smooth then let dry. I then applied duabs of stain but it actually looked great as is. Once all dry I applied a couple of coats of poly. I bought a used leather belt at goodwill and glued it around the neck of the lamp and that's it! I thought they turned out great and for seven bucks a got a pretty cool pair of lamps!

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